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Risk Management - CIC Week 1

In case you were not aware, it is Beat Chair Force and Sink Navy week!

Obama Awards Commander-In-Chief Trophy To Air Force Academy Football Team Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Why one would ever bet on a CIC game is beyond me, unless of course you are a plebe trying to earn media privileges next week. Since I no longer have worries regarding when I am permitted to watch television, I decided to put on a little wager with our lone USAFA grad on staff - Scott Lopez. The bet is rather simple: When Navy wins, Scott has to rock a Navy photo on his Twitter handle. If by the off-chance Air Force wins, I will display a photo of his choosing as my Twitter background photo.

Now - let’s get to the matter at hand:

Navy at Air Force (Air Force has a 59.7% win probability per ESPN FPI)

“Welcome to Thin Air.” “Hypoxia Warning.” “Danger, Lack of Oxygen.” - I am sure you have heard all of the cliches, but just in case you haven’t, Air Force certainly uses them as a “selling point.”

Heck, if I didn’t know any better I would think the Air Force Academy was a pretty cool place. I am only kidding of course, all of the service academies are amazing institutions, some of the best in the world actually. But, some are still better than others...which is exactly why I am going with the ESPN FPI special and calling the Navy win!

But, just to show I appreciate everything our little brothers and sisters do for us while in college out in Colorado and later on in their war cubicles, I will pick Air Force covering the 3.5 point spread (Navy is 1-3 ATS this season, Air Force is 2-2).

Straight up - Navy - High Risk, High Reward!

Spread - Air Force (+3.5) - Minor Risk

O/U 48.5 - Over - Moderate Risk

Ultimate pick: Navy 27, Air Force 24