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Army and Navy release uniforms for 2021’s rendition of America’s Game

Kick off will be at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 11th.

Navy Athletics / Army Athletics

The 122nd rendition of America’s Game is nearly here, meaning that this year’s jerseys have been released, and they’re slicker than ever.

Army will show off a sleek camouflage combat look as Navy is running a look straight out of “Top Gun”.

This season's game is about remembering and recognizing the military response to 9/11, as the game is happening nearby where attacks happened in New York City. The Meadowlands in New Jersey — home of the Giants and Jets — will host the game.

Army has chosen to recognize the soldiers from the U.S. Army Special Forces Command. Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alphas from the 5th Special Forces Group deployed from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to take the fight to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Designed by Nike, Army’s helmet is a light camouflage design. The Black Knights “road” jersey is white with a Task Force Dagger patch on the left shoulder and an American flag on the right. There is an “Army” nameplate on the left and the Latin phrase “De Oppresso Liber”, translating to “from an oppressed man, to a free one.” On the back, it reads: “United We Stand”.

“I think part of that is honoring the 9/11 attacks and each of the sites where we were attacked on our own soil and how we stood together as a nation at that moment at that time in our history and how it’s important that we continue to stand together, united as a country, but even more so I guess with a greater sense of community and recognizing the division that we still have in our country that remains,’’ Army head coach Jeff Monken said, “So I think that probably speaks to the spirit of our team and hopefully the spirit of this Academy, our United States Army, and our nation as a whole.’’

Navy on the other hand went with a Naval Aviation-themed uniform, the logo most popular from the 1986 Tom Cruise hit, Top Gun.

The carrier that it is based on is F/A - 18 Super Hornet. Navy’s news release says, “Unmatched across the globe, America’s fleet of 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers can deploy up to 44 of these strike fighters at a time; and with a massive arsenal of diverse firepower.”

Navy’s helmet has gold wings on the back. On one side of the helmet is the carrier, and on the other is the star logo. The helmet is split in half with three stripes of the white-red-white variety.

For the Midshipmen, the blue jerseys have the stars on the sleeves. In white lettering on the front, it says “Navy” with a red and white American Athletic logo on one side and the Strike Fighter Wing patch with a bald eagle in the center that writes out “Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic”. The pants are blue with a white stripe and have the Marine Corps. logo on one side.

Anticipation is at a high as always for this matchup. It will take place at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands on Saturday, Dec. 11. The game will kick off at 3:00 p.m. EST and be broadcast, as always, on CBS.