Violence Against Transgender People is on the Rise, Stopping it Requires a Holistic Solution


In late July, drag queen Patty Bourrée was reading a children’s book and playing the ukulele at a story hour event in Boston, Mass. when a group of masked neo-Nazis stormed the event. Bourrée is doing just fine, but she’s concerned about the children who had to walk among neo-Nazis chanting anti-transgender, anti-LGBTQ slurs and about the parents who brought their children to the small, regularly-held, and popular event. So when Bourrée pulled up to her next event, planned for the first weekend of August, and saw the same neo-Nazis lurking outside, she knew she had to cancel. "I can’t put myself (and the kids!) in a potentially violent situation," she said on Twitter. According to Bourrée, every drag queen story hour in the past few months has received some level of anti-LGBT attention. Local media has documented a sharp uptick in neo-Nazi activity in 2022, including from NSC-131, the group that targeted Bourrée.

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