Despite the fact that the use of marijuana as a performance enhancer is still illegal, the rise of cannabis sponsorship in the NHL is beginning to take hold. While the NHL will not be able to accept any marijuana-based products or brands as sponsorships, Major League Baseball has been able to make exceptions for players and teams to take on CBD brands as sponsors.

CBD relieves pain in the NHL

Several NHL players have been using CBD to help relieve pain. Some of them have been able to get back into the game quicker, while others have found that CBD helps them recover from injuries faster.

Hockey is a difficult sport to play, and it takes a great toll on the body. It is important to have a healthy body, and the NHL could be doing more to help players stay healthy. They could also do more to make sure players are aware of the health benefits of cannabis.

In 2018, the NHLAA, which is the union for former NHL players, started a clinical-research initiative. They are working with a cannabis-based company to develop products to help former players. They are also conducting a pilot study on CBD's effectiveness in pain. This study will be done on 100 former players.

Cannabis is a performance-enhancing substance

Despite widespread use of cannabis in the medical community,buds from wedding cake seeds are not widely recognized as a performance enhancing substance. Although it does have positive effects on pain management, it is not an effective performance enhancer. However, many athletes use it non-medically.

According to David McDuff, a sports psychiatrist and member of the International Olympic Committee's Mental Health Work Group, "there are some limitations to our current understanding of the effect of cannabis on athletes." He suggests that more research is needed to determine how cannabis can affect performance.

"Cannabis is not a performance enhancing substance, and there is no evidence that it enhances physical performance." He added that "there are many other performance enhancing substances."

However, it is a popular recreational drug, and many athletes have used it for non-medical reasons. In fact, many athletes have failed drug tests for marijuana.

Side Notes

Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in Canada, it's still a substance banned in the NBA and NHL. However, the NHL hasn't taken a punitive approach to its use. Instead, it has adopted a policy of testing players for cannabis, a strategy that could soon be matched by other professional sports leagues.

It's worth noting that marijuana is also the largest illicit drug used in Canada. The use of marijuana is growing by the day. According to a recent report, marijuana use among adults in Canada is up 45% from 1994, the first year the national drug policy allowed recreational use.

While marijuana isn't banned in the NHL, the league tests players for THC and CBD, two cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. THC is considered a positive test, and can be punishable by a series of monetary fines and drug treatment.

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